Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)
Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)
Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)
Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)
Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)
Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)

Run: 13.1 Mile Training Plan (14 weeks)

Aerobic Capacity

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The 14-week Aerobic Capacity Half Marathon training plan is designed for the recreational runner to have a successful 13.1 mile half marathon race day experience and finishing performance.

The Aerobic Capacity Half Marathon training program includes three essential workouts and one optional easy recovery workout each week. Athletes are also encouraged to cross-train or rest on the other days of the week.

Priority Workouts:
  • Low volume, high intensity “speed” workout.
  • Moderate volume, moderate-intensity “lactate threshold” workout.
  • High volume, low intensity “aerobic threshold" muscular stamina building workout.
Week 5 "threshold" workout:
8x4min moderate pace w/ 1min rest b/t reps.

Details: Perform this workout on a flat, out & back course. Mark your 1st interval distance. After rest, start watch & run back to starting point. Only look at your watch until after crossing the original starting point. The goal is to match your first interval distance for intervals 2-8 in the same 4min.
Week 10 "speed" workout:
3 sets:
400m fast pace,
200m walk,
200m sprint
Rest: 5min b/t sets

The weekly long run workout begins with a morning run of 3 miles at an easy pace plus an afternoon run of 2 miles at a moderate pace for a total of 5 miles. Week 11 is the longest training week totaling 18 miles plus including the longest run workout at 11 miles.  

These weekly long-run workouts will significantly improve your endurance to run the total distance on race day. Another unique aspect of this program is the 3-week rotating long-run format. This format will keep runners inspired and motivated throughout the entire training program:
  • Long “all at once” run
  • Reduced volume long run with progressively faster paces
  • Long run broken into segments with 3-hour (minimum) breaks will help simulate your race day experience.
The weekly training schedule was built for maximum results. In addition, this schedule was also designed to be flexible due to interruptions in your personal schedule, the weather, or how you feel. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you modify this plan to your needs and availability:
  • Athletes can perform the 3 weekly priority workouts in any order.
  • Avoid doing priority workouts on back-to-back days.
  • Recovery days should be used to break up the priority workouts
When this plan is over, you will be confident in all the work you have completed and race day will feel like an enjoyable reward.