Run: 5k Training Plan (10 weeks)

Run: 5k Training Plan (10 weeks)

Aerobic Capacity

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The 10-week Aerobic Capacity 5k training plan is designed for the recreational runner to have a successful 3.1 mile race day experience and finishing performance.

The success of any training program centers on developing your entire spectrum of running muscles.  Our goal is to activate and develop every running muscle fiber.  Every fiber from the slowest of your slow-twitch muscle fibers by doing walking & jogging recoveries up to your fastest of your fast-twitch by doing pure speed intervals.

The Aerobic Capacity 5k training program includes three priority workouts.  Athletes are also encouraged to cross-train or rest on the other days of the week.

Priority Workouts:
  • Long interval “endurance” workout at a moderate pace.
  • Short interval “speed” workout will at a fast pace.
  • Long “time on your feet” workout at an easy pace that starts at 2-miles.
How do we keep our athletes accountable and motivated from start to Race Day?  The Aerobic Capacity 5k training plan specifies various intensities for all intervals.  This format has been proven to improve overall running performance.
As example, the following interval workout is from Week 8: 
6 sets:
200m easy jog,
400m at fast pace,
100m walk
No rest b/t reps or sets.
Total: 4200m 
The workout schedule was also designed to be flexible due to interruptions in your personal schedule, the weather, or how you feel.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you modify this plan to your needs and availability:
  • Athletes can perform the 3 weekly priority workouts in any order.
  • Avoid doing priority workouts on back-to-back days.
  • Recovery days should be used to break up the priority workouts
When this plan is over, you will be confident in all the work you have completed and race day will feel like an enjoyable reward.